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Road Safety

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roadsafety_magneticislandAlthough many visitors are on holiday when they visit Magnetic Island, one of the most important things to remember is that over 2,500 people live here amongst the abundant wildlife.

Each day locals are busy on the roads and safety on the narrow and winding bends is imperative for everyone.

Things to remember:

Please keep to the 60km speed limit on the main road, and 50km on all side roads.

Beware of the local fauna, especially at dusk and late at night, to reduce the damage to our wildlife.

Please stay on the LEFT hand side of the road, (and left of the double lines). Some of the roads are very narrow and large vehicles, (especially large buses), frequently use them.

Remember the roads the car hire companies allow you to travel on, to avoid any mishaps and damage to yourself and your hire vehicle.

Please don't stop in the middle of the road, whether in a car or on bicycle, to take photographs - believe us it happens!

Yes there ARE police on Magnetic Island and they WILL catch you, if you speed and/or drink and drive. Please take the bus or taxi instead if you've had a night/day out at a pub, restaurant or party.

Please don't take any unnessessary risks while using a car, scooter, bicycle or walking along the roadside - we'd like to see you again.

Grab a copy of your scooter safety sheet!
Magnetic Island Police have created a facts sheet of how to stay safe on the roads, whether you're a driver or a scooter rider:


We hope you have a great time exploring Magnetic Island!

Injured animals:

To report injured wildlife contact Magnetic Island Fauna Care Organization (MIFCO) on 0427 918 130.

For injured and orphaned wallabies call Wallaby Refuge on Magnetic Island on 4758 1457 or 0400 243 842.


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