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We hope you enjoy these great Magnetic Island stories and videos:

15 March 2021
Wildlife & nature on Magnetic Island
Magnetic Island has a great array of wildlife, bush trails and relaxed beaches where you can escape to.

29 April 2016
Sealink 6: In and out of the water on Magnetic Island
This is a great overview of what is about and what you can do on Magnetic island.

18 April 2016.
Girls Day Out on Maggie with Jade Holland!
Jade Holland and friends visit the amazing Magnetic Island for 1 day. Check out what they get up to.

17 March 2016.
Magnetic Island through the eyes of the locals
By Visit Townsville, AustraliaThe locals from Magnetic Island share their favourite spots and hot tips about this beautiful island. Their friendly welcome will make you feel like it's your home away from home. Check it out here.

2 November, 2015
Magnetic Island Explorations
Cedric Dubler takes you on a trip to, and around Magnetic Island with some excellent Instagram locations.

31 May, 2015
SeaLink infomercial 4 - Magnetic Island Activities

Showing some of the many activities that Magnetic Island has to offer. Featuring Red Baron Seaplanes, Jet Ski Hire Magnetic Island, BungalowBay Koala Village, Segway Tours, Massage on Magnetic, Foodworks Shopping Centre, Thai Again Restaurant.

9 September, 2014.
(Yarn) bombs away on bombed island development
A massive hole left by developers on the Magnetic Island foreshore has been bombed by textile artists as part of the 2014 Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival. More info at ABC North Queensland.

8 September, 2014.
Beer can boats a boon for Magnetic Island
As part of the 2014 Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival, the second annual Magnetic Island Beer Can Regatta attracted twice as many entries as last year and hundreds of spectators. Organisers Magnetic Island Rotary, say the event could become a major tourism drawcard for the region. More info at ABC North Queensland.

17 September 2014
Bay Dayz Beer Can Regatta
By Kayla Whitmore JCNN.
The first weekend of Magnetic Islands annual Bay Dayz Festival included the islands Rotary International Club, hosting a Beer Can Regatta.

23 August 2014
Sealink Magnetic Island
Infomercial video for the Magnetic Island ferry service. Showing the highlights of the four main bays and events for August and September, this is the first of a series of infomercials for the SeaLink Magnetic Island Ferry Service.

3 March 2014
Life On Magnetic Island
- Winner of 'My Island Home' Competition
Get Up Close And Personal With Our Wildlife!
by Matt Whitton (music & film) and marimba by Rodrigo Vasconcelos.
A fantastic close up showing some of the beautiful wildlife and places on Magnetic Island.

29 January 2014
Meet A Local: Dr. Rick Braley, marine biologist
From the US Mid West to Magnetic Island, the amazing journey of Magnetic Island's giant clam expert, Dr Rick Braley.? Rick tells his life story and how he ended up on Magnetic Island. You can also see? Rick's giant clams on the Magnetic Island (Geoffrey and Nelly Bay) Snorkel Trails. Presented by Magnetic Island TV.

20 January 2014
Magnetic Island - The Place You Need To Be
Enjoy A Front Row Seat To Our Beaches!
While returning to the island in Christmas 2013 to see his family, Doug Simpson has made this fabulous short video to promote this beautiful island. He used to live in Townsville and he has visited the island many times, yet still enjoys it every time he returns. As Doug says, "The island has everything from great accomodation to cane toad racing. :)"

8 January 2014
?Magnetic Island Underwater - Video Part I?
Magnetic Island TV takes you snorkeling around Magnetic Island including corals, giant clams, the wrecks of the WWII Aircraft and the ship Moltke in Geoffrey Bay.

3 January 2014
Magnetic Island Nature Soundtrack
Great Chill Out Track!
Immediate download of 1-track album in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more). Paying supporters also get unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.
In 2008 Mick Shanahan spend time on Magnetic Island doing sound field recordings for a future album release. He has worked in the area of ambient electronic music for 25 years and released 8 albums and toured Europe most summers. Finally the music inspired by our wonderful Island has been released. It's being sold on a donation basis, so even a small donation will help Mick with future recordings. Having loved his time on Magnetic Island hopefully Mick will some day return.

30 December 2013
Magnetic Island Weeds
These are the handy notes from the 2013 Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival Talk by Jan Wegner JCU. Download Jan Wegner's presentation Some Weeds of Magnetic Island and Townsville.

27 December 2013
Seasons Greetings From The Tropics - Magnetic Island
5 Star Footage! Go-Pro with small Radio Controlled Helicopter!
Aussie Mark spent three nights on Magnetic Island over Christmas 2013. Fantastic aerial shots of Magnetic Island.

2 December 2013
Maggie Motor & Bike Show 2013
As part of the Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival, this is the second year for the Maggie Motor & Bike Show. Held around a massive banyan tree next to Hotel Arcadia, it was another great day on Magnetic Island.
(20 Oct 2012) See Maggie Motor & Bike Show 2012

10 October 2013
Rotary Beer Can Regatta
Magnetic Islands annual month-long Bay Dayz Festival came to an end on Sunday 6 October with the islands first-ever Rotary Beer Can Regatta. Teams had to build their own boat made from recycled cans and raced against each other at Nelly Bay. Video by JCNN.

25 September 2013
Talk Like A Pirate Day on Magnetic Island
As part of the Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival, Talk Like A Pirate Day is fast becoming a favourite at Noodies On The Beach in Horseshoe Bay. This video captures the fun of the moment and some great looking pirates! International Talk Like A Pirate Day is held on the 19 September each year, so mark it into your calendar. Arrrrrgh me hearties!

29 July 2013
Picnic Bay Centenary DVD
This is a short promo for the upcoming release of the '2013 Picnic Bay School 100yr Anniversary DVD' which is due for release in on Friday 27 September, as part of the Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival together with a booklet about the event. For more information visit the Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre.

26 July 2013
The Bush Jamoboree Book
"The idea for the book first came to me whilst bushwalking with my family on Magnetic Island. The sounds, scratchings and footprints we discovered in the bush made us wonder what the animals got up to at night. 'The Bush Jamboree' answers that question in lyrical, rhyming text!
" - Author, Stacey Graham.
Books cost: $22.95 each and are full colour (40 pages).
More info.

20 May 2013
Round About Townsville - Magnetic Island in 1926
Australian Screen has recently found
this footage of an intertitle describing Magnetic Island "only six miles from Townsville introduces sepia-tinted images of passengers on board the daily service from Townsville. Another title card explaining Magnetic Islands beaches and picturesque thatched roofed bungalows precedes a green-tinted and toned sequence of the beach, thatched bungalows and tropical plants".

17 April 2013
Flotsam & Fibre? - Art Project
As part of the 2012 Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival, Penelope Sheridan? documents a unique Magnetic Island fibre art workshop with Townsville artist Marion Gaemers. These workshops ran over 4 weekends of the Festival, and invited everyone to take part. This time laps still photography is a fun way of seeing the project from start to finish.

3 January 2013
3. Cooking 'A la Nell': The EASY Omelette
As Nell says, "Another bay, another recipe". Here local islander Nell Braley shows you how to cook a tasty and healthy omelette by an easy (and cheap) method on the beach at Westpoint, Magnetic Island. "I hope you enjoy it and pass this recipe on to your family and friends" - Nell Braley.

4 November 2012
2. Cooking 'A la Nell': Shredded Spicy Chicken
Local Magnetic Island cook Nell Braley is quickly becoming a YouTube queen, and her Shredded Spicy Chicken recipe is super simple and easy.

1 ONION finely chopped
1 Bulb of crushed GARLIC
1 Tablespoon of CAJUN pepper
Add this to:
2 KG cooked and shredded CHICKEN BREAST FILLETS
Mix together and serve with rice and vegetables, enjoy!
This will serve 8 people
Can also be use as a filling for crepes and will make around 20 crepes.

24 October 2012
1. Cooking 'A la Nell': Home grown
Nell Braley is a lively, vivacious woman with an infectious laugh and always the best of humour. Magnetic Island TV captures Nell in her true element of cooking and island life.

16 October 2012
'Found Objects Workshop'
Marion Gainor held a 'Found Objects Workshop' as part of the 2012
Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival. Over four weekends of the Festival a group set forth with found and recycled objects to create their masterpiece. Filmed by Magnetic Island TV.

03 October 2012
Where have all the toads gone?
JCNN journalist Laura McKee went to Magnetic Island to cover the world famous toad races and found out why cane toads are so scarce this year.

As part of the 2012 Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival, National Parks ranger Jo Petersen, takes a walking tour of The Forts, the most popular walking track on Magnetic Island (Australia). It contains information on the flora and fauna, including koalas, and the area's WWII heritage.

Friday 8 June 2012
Shenzo Gregorio @ MUSIC ON MAGNETIC (May) 2013

by Matt Whitton
Every year the 6 week residential camp of Music On Magnetic features a fantastic array of world-class talented musicians and dancers. Workshops and relaxed performances encourage budding and well seasoned musicians to explore and have fun in the island's tropical paradise. For MOM 2013 the famous Shenzo Gregoria (known from his vast array of musical styles and his Electric Stunt Orchestra) will be doing Spanish flamenco, Indian, Cuban, South American, American country, classical and the art of improvistion. We recommend you book early for Music On Magnetic?, 18-25 May 2013. Check out Matt's other MOM interviews.

Wed 13 Oct 2011
Source of Life

by Matt Whitton and Michael Bromage from ABC Online.
Magnetic Island resident Vandhana shares her passion for the beaches and marine life on Magnetic Island with Matt Whitton and Michael Bromage, featuring Vandhana.

28 September, 2011 5:28PM AEST
On The Trail Of Some Curious Characters
Nathalie Fernbach from ABC North Queensland reports on the 2011 Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival Scarecrow Trail.

snorkelling_scarecrow_magneticislandThe Snorkelling Scarecrow Story:
"This is me (The Snorkelling Scarecrow) and Scarlett, I snorkelled out of the drain, that is what I am sitting on and why my hair is pink. I am no longer on Horseshoe Bay Road as some handsome highly intelligent person court my eye and now I am busy traveling the universe.

I've had I few dates. It all started at the Full Moon Party when I shake my toosh until the wee hours of the morning and end up at the bus stop where some nice local helped me find my way home.

The next weekend I was seen arm in arm with a bloke on the way to the beach front, it was a cold night and I feel he took a liking to my jumper as I was spotted canoodling on the beach, but amazing I was helped home were I was repaired, (minus my hair).

But my favourite passtime is to scare the local dogs, (the white small one are the easies to scare), thus avoid being urinated on. Bon-voyage!" - The Snorkelling Scarecrow

27 September, 2011 4:24PM AEST
Practise Makes Poi-fect

Nathalie Fernbach from ABC North Queensland talks to Dominique Abraham from the Fire Flyz about learning to use Poi at the 2011
Magnetic Island Bay Dayz Festival Workshops.

Check out the Magnetic Island Fire Flyz - The beautiful talent of Dominique Abraham doing her fire twirling thing on Magnetic Island.
Fire Flyz fire-twirling duo at the Magnetic Island Full Moon Party.

5 December 2011
Magnetic Island Photos (JCNN)
Stephanie Hobbs from James Cook University (JCNN) creates a collage of photos of Magnetic Island.

23 September, 2011 12:21PM AEST
Island Tackles Turtle Troubles

Nathalie Fernbach from ABC North Queensland talks to
Geoffrey Bay Coastcare's Vandhana talks about the troubles facing sea turtles on the island at the 2011 Bay Days Festival Workshops.

Five environmental groups, traditional land owners and city council will join forces to raise awareness of the hazards facing sea turtles and to examine ways to protect the creatures.

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